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You are on the IPN‘s web page.

The IPN belongs to a group. This group is called Leibniz Association

This is why the internet page is www.leibniz-ipn.en

Here you will find information in easy language about:

What is the IPN?

What does the IPN do?

Where is the IPN?

Some words are written in bold.

These are difficult words.

These words are explained in the text.

What is the IPN?

IPN is an abbreviation for:

Leibniz (1) Institute (2) for Science and Mathematics (3) Education (4).

The name contains difficult words.

We'll explain them in the following text.

The numbers should help explain it.

(1) Leibniz means:

Leibniz is the name of a group. The IPN belongs to this group.

We also say association instead of group.

The group is called Leibniz Association.

(2) Institute means:

The IPN is an institution.

Research is done in the institution.

That is why we also say research institution.

Research means: to investigate something.

Such a research center is also called an institute.

(3) Science and mathematics means:

Investigating nature.

There are several sciences of nature.

For example: biology, chemistry, physics and computer science.

Biology deals with animals, plants and people.

Chemistry deals with substances.

Physics deals with how things work.

Mathematics is also a science.

It deals with numbers and arithmetic.

Computer science is also a science.

It deals with how computers work.

(4) Education means:

Knowledge is passed on to children, teenagers or adults.

Education also means learning, for example in school.

What does the IPN do?

There are many people working at the IPN.

Many people at the IPN are scientists or researchers.

Their task is: to gain knowledge.

One also says: they do research.

They want to know everything that is related to the learning of science, mathematics and computer science.

For example, what a teacher has to do so that the children find the lessons interesting.

Or, for example, what adults and young people are capable of in science, mathematics and computer science.

People at the IPN work in projects.

That means they investigate a certain thing.

People at the IPN write texts for books or journals.

It is also called publishing.

This means: others can then read what they write.

People at the IPN also teach.

That means: They explain something to young people.

The young people learn at a university.

The young people are also called: students.

The people at the IPN also have competitions.

That means: They think up tasks for children and teenagers.

They find out: Who solved the tasks best.

The best child or teenager wins.

Where is the IPN?

The IPN is in Germany.

The city is Kiel.

The address is: Olshausenstrasse 62, 24118 Kiel.

The IPN is close to Kiel University.

The IPN frequently works with with Kiel University.

The IPN has a branch office in Berlin.

This means that some people from the IPN work in Berlin.