Festival of Science

Prague, Vienna, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, the Kiel region: The Festival of Science in the Kiel region is not only Schleswig-Holstein's largest science event, but also part of the Europe-wide European Researchers' Night. Scientists all over Europe invite you to learn, research and discover on the last Friday in September.

Science Day

One of the highlights of the Science Festival is the annual Science Day, when science institutions from the Kiel region open their doors and take visitors into the world of research and science. Every year, the IPN takes part and puts together a varied program of hands-on experiments, activities, simulations, lectures, games, show experiments and panel discussions.


The IPN participates in the recurring Rent-a-Scientist campaign, part of the Festival of Science, with the slogan "Science goes to school". Scientists in the Kiel region, who come from different fields of research, design an interesting lesson for school classes and teach children and teenagers about their field of research in an understandable and entertaining manner.


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