Podcasts - Listening to Research

Here we present an overview of the current episodes of audio podcasts created at our institute.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on everyone's lips at least since ChatGPT. Potential applications, necessary change processes and risks are discussed in the context of schools and education: Which prompt is target-oriented? How do we bring AI into teacher education? How is the exam culture changing due to chatbots? The podcast "The Dialogue" addresses this need for orientation, exchange and good application examples. Researchers and experts from educational practice and policy speak authentically and engage in conversation - moderation in the classic sense does not take place.


Teaching and learning in mathematics: what instructional strategies can be used to teach elementary school children to do math? What makes a good math textbook? And what knowledge of mathematics do students need as they transition from school to college? The Research for Education podcast explores these questions and more. Every month, IPN researchers and invited guests discuss a current topic in mathematics education.