Fifty Years of Research for Society

IPN Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education 1966 - 2016

The IPN building under construction
The IPN building under construction

Founded in the 1960s in response to an evident gap in the research landscape, the IPN has been home to research on teaching and learning in the sciences approaching 60 years. Mathematics education joined the IPN’s range of research interests in 2008.

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the IPN’s foundation, the Institute issued a publication featuring previous research and projects ongoing at that time and providing an opportunity for staff from throughout the IPN’s history to report on their work. The President of the Leibniz Association and figures from regional policy and academia honored the anniversary in short forewords for the brochure that celebrated the IPN’s work.

Read the anniversary brochure (7,4 MB, in German)

The IPN's staff:

Group picture of the IPN staff
The IPN's staff