Open Science and Good Research Practice

Research standards and transparency of research

Self-imposed Standards of Good Research Practice apply for all research at the IPN based on DFG’s Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice as well as recommendations from the Leibniz Association. These include rules for quality control, authorship in publications, procedures in case of research misconduct as well as guidance on data protection and research data management.

Open science is about opening up the process of scientific and academic work both within and outwith higher education institutions, making it more collaborative and transparent. Realizing this vision requires science and academia to conceive of research and education as shared, collective endeavors, and in so doing to place an emphasis on openness, collaboration, and the advancement of knowledge. This approach speeds the pace of scientific and academic innovation, raises the public profile of research findings, and supports scientists and academics in conducting and publishing their work; overall, it maximizes the benefits of publicly funded research.

As a member of the Leibniz Association, the IPN is committed to open science and open research. In light of the objectives at the core of our mission – improving and supporting the teaching and learning of the sciences and mathematics through research inspired by practices in educational settings – we are particularly passionate about the accessibility of our findings to all those who might benefit from them.