Additional programs

Additional programs

The IPN provides a whole range of additional programs for students interested in science. As the programs are directed towards children and teenagers in German schools, the additional information is only available in German.

Student competitions

The IPN hosts six competitions designed for students of different age groups. More detailed information on the competitions can be found on the ScienceOlympiad pages.

Kiel Science Outreach Lab (Kieler Forschungswerkstatt)

The IPN operates a student laboratory, the Kiel Science Outreach Lab (Kieler Forschungswerkstatt), in cooperation with Kiel University.

Schleswig-Holstein Student Science Center

In regional student science centers, children and young people of all ages and school types are given the opportunity to realize their own research ideas and work on scientific projects.

STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is part of the Schleswig-Holstein network of student research centers. The STEM Academy provides students with the broadest and most extensive support possible in the areas of math, science, computer science and technology (STEM).


Science@Seas, a regional STEM cluster, brings together existing activities and structures in Schleswig-Holstein under a single name.

Science Day as part of the Festival of Science

The IPN regularly participates in the annual Science Days. For this event, the institute puts together a colorful program of hands-on experiments, activities, simulations, lectures, games, show experiments and panel discussions. Prague, Vienna, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Kiel: The Festival of Science in Kiel is not only Schleswig-Holstein's largest science event, but also part of the Europe-wide European Researchers' Night. On the last Friday in September, scientists all over Europe invite you to learn, research and discover. Maybe in your city, as well?


The IPN participates in the recurring Rent-a-Scientist campaign, which is part of the Festival of Science, under the slogan: "Science in Schools". Researchers in the Kiel region, coming from different fields of research, create an interesting lesson for school classes and introduce the research field to the students in an understandable and enjoyable manner.