Support Services

Welcome to the IPN's Support Services pages, with details of the IPN’s Library, information technology services and media and communications team.


The IPN’s specialized science library is a research-related information and service facility ensuring a demand-oriented supply of literature and information for its researchers. It also provides assistance with literature searches and aids in the individual publication process and Open Access. The collection focuses mainly on educational literature and teaching materials in the fields of science and mathematics and reflects the current research areas and projects of the institute. The team also manages the IPN’s research information system.

Information Technology

The IPN’s Information Technology unit provides its staff with the IT infrastructure and services they need for their work. The unit also covers research data management, research ethics, and the Institute’s project management office (PMO), providing IPN staff with advice on issues arising in these areas. The IPN's data protection officer, who oversees the Institute’s compliance with data protection regulations, is part of the unit. , as is  the IPN's in-house technical workshop

Media and Communications

The IPN’s media and communications unit supports the Institute’s work by engaging with general and specific external audiences, managing the Institute’s communications, and serving as a link between the IPN’s scientific work and wider society. Its remit covers the three closely interlinked fields of communications, communication design, and event management.