Diversity and Inclusion

The IPN sees diversity as a strength and promotes a heterogeneous workforce. All employees of the IPN are given the same opportunities in teaching, research and administration regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and ideology, disability or chronic illness, social or ethnic origin. The IPN strives to systematically foster diversity, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination in all areas of the institute and is actively committed to building diversity skills and reducing discrimination.

Two important building blocks were laid in 2023:

- The position of a Gender Equality, Diversity and Early Career Development Officer was created at the IPN

- The signing of the Diversity Charter by the Institute's management (more information can be found under this link)

As a next step, a diversity strategy will be developed for the entire IPN. This is based on

- Specific measures to raise awareness, e.g. through lectures and further training courses

- Introduction of diversity-sensitive processes, e.g. in the area of personnel selection and development

- Implementation of diversity in research and teaching


Our diversity strategy goes hand in hand with anti-discrimination work at the Institute. The Institute's Staff Council, in collaboration with the Gender Equality Officer, has drawn up a service agreement on awareness establishing a complaints office in accordance with the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). This service agreement regulates the handling of discrimination, sexualized violence and bullying. It became effective January 1, 2024. An accompanying letter provides an overview of advice centers, both within and outside the IPN. It serves as a guide so that affected persons can find appropriate support services.


Counseling opportunities at the IPN

- Representative of the severely disabled: sb@leibniz-ipn.de

Representative body for severely disabled employees

The disability dimension at the IPN is supported by the elected committee of the Representative Body for Severely Disabled Employees (SBV). The main concern of the SBV is to support those affected in their professional participation and to protect them from disadvantages in the employment relationship. In the application process, applicants with severe disabilities and those with equivalent status are generally invited to an interview if they are professionally and personally suitable.


Representative for the severely disabled: sb@leibniz-ipn.de