Collaboration and Networks

Across all its research strands, the IPN collaborates actively with other research institutions nationally and internationally, generating. significant research findings. Cooperation of this type enables the IPN to conduct large-scale projects that require the input of academic disciplines that the Institute’s core remit does not cover. Our focal collaborations are with Kiel University, other institutions within the Leibniz Research Alliances, and other Leibniz institutions conducting education research, alongside our international collaborations and our involvement in various research networks.

Kiel University

In addition to collaborating in the area of teaching and the joint appointment of professors, we work with Kiel University on research into the teaching profession and on the research-based design of courses that promote the transfer of knowledge into society. The IPN’s Computer Science Education Research Group is a collaborative initiative with Kiel University, as is the Kiel Science Outreach Lab, a laboratory for science and research projects with school students. The Institute is involved in the interdisciplinary Kiel Science Communication Network (KSCN), a center for research into science communication whose remit is to investigate ways of visualizing complex scientific information in an intuitive and comprehensible manner. The IPN cooperates closely with the IQSH, the institution responsible for studying quality and its advancement in Schleswig-Holstein’s schools.

Collaborative endeavors within the Leibniz Association

One of the IPN’s key collaborations within the Leibniz Association is the Leibniz Education Research Network, in which we have established bi- and multilateral working relationships with Leibniz institutes in Sections A, B, and C of the Association and with other research institutions at and outside universities. The IPN is additionally involved in other Leibniz Research Alliances, including Science 2.0 and the Energiewende alliance for research around the societal transition to sustainable sources of energy.

Student assessment and attainment

Working with the Technical University of Munich and the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF), the IPN has set up the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German federal states, which has an emphasis on methodological research.

International collaboration

The IPN’s international collaborations encompass university and non-university research institutions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, England, Sweden, Norway, Israel, the US, Australia, and Chile.