Collaboration and Networking

The IPN cultivates an active national and international exchange through collaborations with other research institutions. All research lines of the IPN are characterized by such collaborations. Many research results are achieved in close cooperation with national and international partners.

Special attention is paid to the collaboration with Kiel University, the collaborations in the Leibniz Research Associations, the collaborations with other Leibniz institutions conducting educational research, as well as international collaborations and the Institute's involvement in networks.

Beyond teaching and the joint appointment of professors, there are cooperations with Kiel University in the area of professional research in the teaching profession as well as in the research-based development of offers that enable the transfer of knowledge to society. The IPN has established the research group Computer Science Education in cooperation with Kiel University. The IPN also operates a student laboratory, the Kiel Research Workshop, with the CAU. In the Kiel research landscape, the IPN plays an important role in the interdisciplinary network, Kiel Science Communication Network (KSCN). This center for science communication research investigates how complex information can be visualized in a tangible way. The IPN cooperates closely with the IQSH (Institute for Quality Development at Schools in Schleswig-Holstein).

The IPN has further cooperation partners in the Leibniz Association. Here, the IPN plays a prominent role, in particular in the Leibniz Education Research Network. Bi- and multilateral cooperation takes place with partners from the Leibniz Association (Institutes in Sections A, B, and C), as well as with university and non-university research institutions. The IPN is also involved in further Leibniz Research Alliances, for example, Science 2.0 or Energiewende (Energy transition).

Further important national cooperation takes place in the field of large-scale assessments. Together with the Technical University of Munich and the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, the IPN set up the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal States. The centre’s focus is on methods research.

At an international level, the IPN cooperates with university and non-university research institutes in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, England, Sweden, Norway, Israel, the USA, Australia, and Chile.

The IPN cultivates strong connections at a national and international level through institutionalized cooperation programs with other research institutions. Such cooperation programs characterize much of the work of the IPN and enable the institute to realize large-scale projects that require collaboration with disciplines other than those practiced at the IPN. Many research results are therefore achieved in close cooperation with national and international partners.