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Research linesResearch Line Science Communication and Extracurricular Learning
DepartmentsChemistry Education
IPN researchersDr. Tim Höffler (Project lead)

Funded by the Leibniz Society

Obtaining qualified staff in STEM-subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is of fundamental importance for business and science in Germany. Science competitions are a key element in preparing qualified students in science. They aim to spark interest as well as identify and systematically support the most talented students. However, not much is known about the effects of competitions on participants’ further development. Thus, the current project aims to investigate which factors determine success or failure in science competitions as well as the influence of success or failure on students’ further cognitive and affective development and on their career choices.

Scientists involved

All departments are involved. Within the framework of the project, the IPN is cooperating with Prof. Dr. Detlef Urhahne (University of Passau).

Biology Education, IPN:
Marc Eckhardt
Carola Garrecht
Ute Harms
Sebastian Opitz
Burkhard Schroeter

Chemistry Education, IPN:
Tim Höffler
Christine Köhler
Sabine Nick
Ilka Parchmann
Heide Peters
Anneke Steegh

Mathematics Education, IPN:
Aiso Heinze
Irene Neumann
Eva Treiber

Physics Education, IPN:
Knut Neumann
Stefan Petersen
Peter Wulff

Educational Science and Research Methodology, IPN:
Olaf Köller
Oliver Lüdtke
Jan Retelsdorf