Research for Education: New IPN podcast (in German) focuses on teaching and learning of mathematics

March 7th 2022

What teaching strategies can be used to teach elementary school children skillful arithmetic? What makes a good mathematics textbook? And what knowledge of mathematics do students need for the transition from school to college?

These and other questions are addressed by a new podcast series produced at the IPN under the title "Research for Education". Each of the monthly episodes focuses on a different current issue from the field of mathematics education. At the same time, IPN researchers and other guests provide insights into the research work at the IPN and thereby make quantitative educational research more tangible. "We intend to use various research projects from recent years to explain how we proceed in the scientific research process, what questions we have and what results have emerged," says Prof. Dr. Aiso Heinze, head of the Department of Mathematics Education at the IPN, explaining the concept behind the podcast. In this context, he also emphasizes the essential objective of addressing the practical implications of this research: "Of course, we in mathematics education do not work for the academic ivory tower, but want to improve the opportunities available for learning mathematics. Accordingly, we also address the practical school and social relevance of the results."

The first episode will be released (in German) on International Mathematics Day on March 14. The team behind the podcast is already introducing itself and the core topics in episode 0. This is available for free on Spotify as of today:

A script (in German) reflecting what was said can be downloaded here.