New book with assignments from the International Biology Olympiad

December 9th, 2021

For over 30 years, the best students from nations around the world have competed in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). The IBO offers particularly interested secondary school students the opportunity to take a close look at current biological research, gain international experience and compete in a friendly atmosphere. The academic part of the competition has students compete in theoretical and laboratory practical tasks on topical biological problems that significantly exceed the level of typical tasks at mainstream schools. Outside the academic competition, the Olympians have the unique opportunity to exchange ideas and make contacts with like-minded people from all participating countries.

In order to preserve the unique tasks of the Biology Olympiads and make them accessible to a wider group, a task book of the 2013 (Switzerland), 2014 (Indonesia) and 2015 (Denmark) Olympiads has now been published in English. The tasks are classified according to subject areas, basic concepts and scientific thinking and working methods, making them easier to use.

Students can use the task collection to practice for future competitions. Teachers or coaches can use it as a resource to encourage talented learners. The book may also be of interest to those developing curricula or teaching materials, as the tasks reveal many exciting ideas for current biological issues and phenomena.

The book "IBO Assessments: Theoretical and Practical Tasks from 2013 to 2015" can soon be pre-ordered via the Biology Olympiad website ( The available sample images provide a glimpse into the book.

Contact the publishers:

Sebastian Opitz

Burhard Schroeter