IPN-Kolloquium am 09. Juli 2019: The Changing Nature of Vocational Interests

4. Juli 2019

Am Dienstag, 9. Juli 2019, trägt im Rahmen eines außerordentlichen IPN-Kolloquiums Prof. Dr. Bart Wille von der Universität Gent, Belgien, zum Thema "The Changing Nature of Vocational Interests" vor.

Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich.
Zeit: 10:00 s.t.
Ort: IPN-Seminarraum (Erdgeschoss Raum 38), Olshausenstr. 62

Organizational, career and personality literatures have witnessed renewed attention for vocational interests over the past several years. Treating interests as stable antecedents, this stream of research has convincingly shown that these dispositions are indeed important and long-term predictors of relevant criteria including job satisfaction and performance, career development and general life outcomes.
In this talk, an alternative perspective on vocational interests is presented which focuses on their dynamic qualities rather than on their cross-time stability. In the first part of this presentation, the new theoretical perspective is introduced and embedded within a broader, transactional perspective on Person-Environment fit. Next, empirical data from a 22-year longitudinal research project on individual differences and career development are presented, providing further insights into the changing nature of vocational interests.